Careful recycling has its rewards for residents

Michelle Byrne, from Market Deeping, with council leader Linda Neal.
Michelle Byrne, from Market Deeping, with council leader Linda Neal.
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South Kesteven District Council is rewarding residents who they take the extra time and attention to ensure their recycling is perfect.

This month it has selected eight customers who have been fantastic at depositing only the items it recommends be put in its silver recycling bin and clear bags, by giving them a free green waste bin.

Random checks were undertaken across the district in February and council officials picked at random eight winners who had contamination-free 

Depositing only the correct items in bins or bags helps the council give an even better service by earning money back on the contamination-free items that go to local recycling plants – money it puts back into the service.

Among the winners were Michelle Byrne, from Market Deeping, and Mr and Mrs Jacek and Jovita Twardowski from Stamford.

The drive has been part of the council’s “Together we can be recycling champions”campaign in which the authority has been monitoring what is going in recycling bins and clear bags more than ever.

An audit in 2013 showed that there are high levels of contamination in some of the recycling produced, with incorrect items appearing in silver bins and clear bags.

Food waste, nappies, children’s toys, washing up bowls, footballs and ring binders are among the many items sometimes found in recycling bins and bags that should actually be placed in black bin or pink bags.

A council spokesman said: “Remember if you’re unsure which bin an item goes in, or if it should be disposed of at your local household waste recycling centre in Grantham or Bourne, then consult our dedicated webpage,

“Or you can call 01476 406080 and we’ll happily send you our latest recycling guide on how to become a champion recycler!

“You should also receive an educational recycling wheel in your copy of SKtoday that drops through your letterbox in the coming weeks.

“It highlights many popular items of waste and which bin they should go in. Keep it to one side at home and do your part to be a champion!”

The council’s portfolio holder for healthy environment Coun John Smith said: “We’re really pleased the majority of residents know exactly what waste items go in which bin.

“We’re aware though more guidance may be required for some items so have produced the recycling guide and are delivering this campaign to educate residents and reward those that already do an excellent job.

“We’re good at recycling here in South Kesteven but we want to be even better.”