Your News: Westfield enjoys going bananas

Bourne Westfield Primary Academy pupils go bananas for Fairtrade
Bourne Westfield Primary Academy pupils go bananas for Fairtrade

On Tuesday February 25th, pupils at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy enjoyed a special assembly to mark Fairtrade Fortnight. The assembly was a pertinent reminder to all, about the need to tackle global poverty through trade.

As a passionate supporter of the Fairtrade ethos, Central England Co-operative have for a number of years been raising awareness in schools throughout the region. As well as delivering an informative assembly, Central England Co-operative’s Bourne foodstore also had a ‘huge’ delivery of bananas for the children, Fairtrade of course!

Nick Chandler, an assistant headteacher at the school, commented: “The children were enthused by the whole concept. By swapping items in your usual shopping basket for those displaying the Fairtrade logo, you can make a concrete difference to poor communities all over the world.”

Yvonne Lockwood, deputy manager at the Bourne store, attended the two assemblies delivered to a total of 630 children. She said: “They were so enthusiastic and very excited. The children asked lots of questions and really seemed to grasp the idea of Fairtrade.”