Your News: Traditional rhymes come to life at Bourne Abbey Nursery

Samuel Healey, Chrystal-Mae Lunn and Katelyn Clarke.
Samuel Healey, Chrystal-Mae Lunn and Katelyn Clarke.

As part of our year long Traditional Tales and Rhymes topic we have been focussing on stories and rhymes with a royal connection such as Old King Cole, There was a princess long ago and Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat.

In the rhyme Sing a song of sixpence, the 24 blackbirds were baked into a pie and so the children learnt how to make pastry and pies and even had some ‘bird’ pie for snack.

In the same rhyme the Queen was in the parlour eating bread and honey and so a beehive (empty I hasten to add!) was brought into nursery, courtesy of Bob Nitsch. The children were completely enthralled with the sights and smells of the hive and their favourite fact was bees don’t wee!

Our role-play area has been transformed into a castle and the children have loved pretending to be the various royal characters and acting out all of the stories and rhymes. We have been frantically collecting empty cereal boxes over the past few weeks to make the magnificent junk model front wall and drawbridge for the castle and construction will begin straight after the holidays.

A big part of our learning this term has been about the start of Spring and looking forward to Easter. The children have enjoyed a walk around the school grounds looking for the signs that Spring has arrived. We have been finding out all about Easter through our Bible stories, cooking and craft. Our children have learnt that Easter is a Spring celebration and the message we hope the children remember is that Easter, like Spring, is all about new life and not just chocolate eggs (although we know that’s their favourite part!).

Each day we have been counting down the days to Easter with our Lent calendar on the interactive board. As with all children, they love using technology as enhance their learning.