Your News: Rotary Club Young Talented Writers

Contributed news from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-140429-165202001
Contributed news from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-140429-165202001

Bourne Abbey pupil Julia Smalova was one of three winning entries for the Rotary Club Young Writers Competition.

This competition was open to all Key Stage 2 pupils; the theme was “What a difference someone/something has made.”

The standard of all the entries was very high and the judges had to work hard in their deliberation. We are very proud that both Ellie Stiff and Julia Smalova were awarded 2nd and 3rd prize respectively and congratulate Penelope Linsdell for receiving a highly commended award.

‘What a Difference Someone/Something has Made’

By Julia Smalova

It was a loud and noisy conversation; my parents were discussing their jobs feeling very uncomfortable about moving, I continued listening.

Unfortunately jobs were very scarce in Slovakia and my dad was extremely fortunate to get an amazing job in England. There was only one problem – we would have to move.

So there we all were on the 15th May packed up and ready to go to the airport – it was an emotional experience, we were all saying goodbye to the rest of the family. None of us really wanted to move, but there was no choice, we had to. When we finally got onto the aeroplane, I remember water streaming out of my eyes the whole way there and trying to forget about the sadness that was in me. But I was still really excited about seeing a completely new country and meeting new friends.

Although we were saying goodbye to Slovakia we were saying “Hello” to England and this changed my life completely. I had to: make new friends, find a new school, learn a new language and move house! This was a massive step for my family and me because we had never done anything as big as moving countries before.

But now we have lots of friends, an amazing school for me, we can speak English and have got a lovely house. My family and I love it here and we are looking forward to the future.