Your News: Remembrance Sunday

News from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-141211-150646001
News from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-141211-150646001

On Sunday, November 9, we felt very honoured to be asked to represent Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy in the remembrance parade.

At 9.45am we gathered at the bus station with many other proud citizens of Bourne. We were organised into groups ready to march through the town to the Cenotaph.When we were walking to the Memorial we were feeling nervous but at the same time feeling really delighted to lay the wreath.

Once we arrived at the Cenotaph, as we looked around the crowd we could see emotional faces everywhere, it was a mixture of pride and sadness as the people remembered their loved ones.

The two minute silence began whilst many people started to bow their heads in sorrow and think deeply about the family members they had lost.

The service was particularly special this year because of the centenary of the start of WWI and we will always remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Ruth and Michael, Year 6

The pupils of Year 6 have 
written poems of their own .

Remember Those

Today is the day where we remember those who gave us peace and freedom,

Remember those who proudly fought for our Country,

Remember those in unbearable pain and sadness,

Remember those brave soldiers with mighty courage,

Remember those.

Every single poppy in the Flanders Field represents those who fought just for us, those soldiers gave us freedom.

Remember those.

By Lauren, aged 10

Always in our Thoughts

Always in our thoughts, the 3rd September 1939.

When the wireless crackled in the background,

of next doors sitting room, the daunting sound that will haunt me forever.

Always in our thoughts, those who fought in the war, the banging bombs that hit the terrified streets of Britain.

Always in our thoughts, the millions of people that died in the war, needlessly. BANG and they are gone, they are down.

Always in our thoughts.

By Harriet, aged 10