Your News: Peers Early Education Partnership at Bourne Abbey

Children from Bourne Abbey enjoying PEEP sessions
Children from Bourne Abbey enjoying PEEP sessions

Do you want to give your child the best possible start in their learning?

If the answer is yes then P.E.E.P. is for you and your child!

Our evidence-based Learning Together programme supports all parents to create the best start for their children by making the most of everyday learning opportunities – listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing stories and books. Spending time with their parents and carers in these ways helps children become confident communicators and active learners.

P.E.E.P. is open to everyone in the local community and caters for Parents/carers with children from birth to 4 years. The partnership is led by our Reception Teacher, Mrs Janelle Disdale, and takes place in our school hall every Friday morning at 9:00-11:00am during term time. A fee of £1.50 covers refreshments for adults and a good range of snacks and a drink for the children.

P.E.E.P. uses excellent facilities at Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy. The Main Hall is large and this enables us to create different areas of activities which are beneficial to learning through play.