Your News: Normandy landing for excited Bourne Abbey Primary Academy pupils

News from Bourne Abbey Primary School EMN-140624-171240001
News from Bourne Abbey Primary School EMN-140624-171240001

Our Year 6 pupils residential visit took us to the Normandy region of France. We had been looking forward to this visit since Year 3 and the time had finally arrived! Visiting France gave us the unique opportunity to explore the history, culture and use the French language we have been practising for four years. Spending time with our teachers and friends also helped us work on our teamwork skills.

We left school bright and early on Monday morning very excited for the action-packed day ahead of us. Once we crossed the English Channel we had a chance to stretch our legs whilst visiting the Nausicaa sea life centre at Boulogne.

We have visited several sea life centres before but this was amazing. It was set right on the sea front. We had the opportunity to watch the sea lions perform, touch the fish and visit the penguins. Well worth the visit!

When we arrived at the Chateau de Chantereine in Criel sur Mer we were amazed at the size, it was huge! The building and grounds were beautiful and the bedrooms just perfect.

On Tuesday we went on a tour around Dieppe, followed by a trip to a family run cheese farm. We were shown how to make the cheese, although the explanation was all in French, with a little help we managed to understand and talk with the owner of the farm. We even got to buy some of the cheese to take home for our families.

On Wednesday we had a busy day in the city of Rouen exploring the fascinating cathedral. We couldn’t believe the size. We learnt many interesting facts about Joan of Arc and Richard the Lion Heart. This was followed by a tour of Rouen.

In the afternoon we got the chance to shop, spend some of our money and practise our French, ordering crepes and ice creams. To finish the day we had a look inside the Joan of Arc Church which has only been built 32 years. It is truly beautiful and the windows which were saved and stored from another church during the war years are fabulous.

Thursday was an early start because it was the day of the WW1 battlefields tour. We started off by going to the Albert museum where we saw all the weapons, uniforms and studied maps about the Battle of the Somme. Following this we went to Mansel Corps, a Devonshire cemetery. It was really thought-provoking to read all the messages, some of them were so young. Next was Lochnagar Crater and then Beaumont Hamel. Both were very interesting and we learnt so much, all areas were so well looked after. Walking around Beaumont Hammel made all the information we had been given come alive. It was very moving.

Finally we went to Thiepval memorial. We searched the names and held our own memorial service.

The day ended with a two minute silence and the laying of the wreath to remember the fallen and the brave. The wreath was kindly donated by Bourne Twinning Association. Poppy Dalton said: “An interesting day of non stop knowledge of WW1, it was an eye opening and moving experience.”

The week ended with French food tasting - frog’s legs and snails. That is a taste we will never forget! Every night we had an activity which improved our teamwork and on Thursday night we had a farewell disco.

Evie Price said: “France was exciting, moving and interesting. I will remember it forever.”