Your News: LGV road safety

Pupils with the lorry
Pupils with the lorry

A NDL lorry driver knows a thing or two about road safety – and now thanks to him, so do a lot more Bourne children!

Pupils from Bourne Abbey recently attended a demonstration at Bourne Academy for Road Safety, in particular Large Goods Vehicles (LGVs).

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership’s Sara Bartlett, organised the visit as part of a safety initiative that sees experts pass on their knowledge to children. The LGV programme for schools is an excellent example of the public and private sector working together to improve road safety for the most vulnerable of road users.

The programme aims to inform young road users, whether cyclists or pedestrians, about more specific safety issues relating to LGV’s. Sara said; “The demonstrations point out the dangers including where the driver’s blind spots are, how engine noise can restrict hearing and observation restrictions in lorry cabs.”

All the pupils were given the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat in the cab which provided a unique hands-on experience for the children to explore, in detail, the scale and associated safety issues of large goods vehicles within a totally safe environment.

The programme concluded with a dynamic PowerPoint presentation from within the trailer to help reinforce the key safety messages. This PowerPoint will be used by Year 6 pupils to present a Road Safety Assembly and to share their experience to all the pupils at Bourne Abbey.