Your News: Learning about the Great Fire of London

Bourne Abbey Primary Academy Year 2 pupils learn about the Great Fire of London
Bourne Abbey Primary Academy Year 2 pupils learn about the Great Fire of London

‘The fire started in Pudding Lane and started in a baker’s shop owned by Thomas Farriner – who was the King’s baker.’

Year 2 enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London for their topic this term. Through many learning opportunities we have been transported back to September 1666, and recreated the events of the Great Fire.

With the help of the Partake Theatre Company our drama workshop was a huge success and the day helped bring to life the events of the fire, in an engaging and interesting way for the children.

The reason why we know so many details about the fire is that one man in particular who was alive at that time kept diaries in which he described the dramatic events.

His name was Samuel Pepys.

Samuel Pepys tells us that to prevent such a disaster happening again King Charles ll had to command that all new houses in London should be built of stone and brick not wood.

Following the great fire, Christopher Wren constructed St Paul’s Cathedral (between 1675 and 1711) as well as many other churches.

We rounded off the end of our topic with a superb assembly on the Great Fire of London. Year 2 WOWED with their confident acting, dancing and singing. 

We all remembered our lines, spoke clearly and had lots of fun! 

We were able to retell the events of the Great Fire confidently and told the audience lots of exciting facts that we had learnt;

We were very glad that there was not a great loss of life in the fire and that so much good happened as a result.

The people of London were safer and life was certainly healthier without the rats. Performing our assembly gave us a great opportunity to show off all the amazing learning opportunities our topic has enabled us to take part in.

We really hope that everyone who came enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed performing.