Your News: Going crazy for literature in book week

Work done during book week at Bourne Westfield
Work done during book week at Bourne Westfield

Book Week caused great excitement at Bourne Westfield Primary Academy last week, with dressing up, drama, story-telling, kite flying and solving mysteries all on the menu.

The school chose books written or illustrated by Oliver Jeffers to base the week around.

Reception used the book ‘Stuck’. This is a story about a little boy getting lots of objects stuck in a tree, then throws more objects up in an attempt to dislodge them! The children had great fun making and flying their own kites, acting out the funny story, and painting objects that could get stuck in a tree.

Year 1 based their work around the book ‘Lost and Found’. When the children arrived on Monday, there was a trail of fish and a mystery suitcase in the classroom. Over the course of the week, they had to find out who the suitcase was from, make ‘missing’ posters for the lost penguin, and plan how they would get him back to the South Pole. Year 2 used the book ‘The Incredible Book Eating Boy’. During the week, they explored the book and wrote poems and character descriptions. They also planned and wrote their own stories about people or animals with amazing talents.

Years 3 to 6 focused on the book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. The book is based around a series of letters from crayons, all deciding they have had enough and wanting to quit their job. After exploring the book, the children came to school dressed in a single colour, acted as the crayons and dramatised the book. They also had great fun writing and illustrating their own letters from classroom objects, explaining why they might decide to quit!

A four day book fair at school gave parents and children an opportunity to buy some of their favourite books. Book week also gave the school an opportunity to promote their participation in the national ‘Read for My School’ challenge. As part of this eight week initiative to encourage reading, pupils in Years 3 to 6 at Westfield have already read 1,696 books – an amazing achievement!

Rachel Davidson, Reading Leader and Head of Year 5 at Westfield, commented, “The whole week was based around a key message – reading is fun. The children and staff really loved the activities and the week got everyone talking about books, which was great.”