Your News: From farm to fork

Bourne Abbey Primary pupils
Bourne Abbey Primary pupils
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On Tuesday, May 20, 22 Year 5 pupils were lucky enough to get a sneaky peek behind the scenes at Tesco’s, Bourne, in a new project called Farm to Fork.

We were met by Tracy who took us around the store and gave us lots of facts and information along the way. John the baker showed us some of the machines which are involved in the bread making process. We saw the enormous machines and the conveyer belts that carry the dough. He very kindly made us some different shaped bread so that we could try them. Sally at the fish counter showed us lots of different amazing fish and answered all our questions. She showed us salmon, king prawns, tuna, scallop and an oyster. She told us all about where our fish comes from and where they live.

Our favourite place to visit was the cheese counter as we got to taste five different types of cheese. We compared them and rated them out of 10. Our favourite was the Five Counties which was rich and creamy. Later we moved onto the fresh produce area and we got to look at a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to find where they originated from. We found out which produce was seasonal and which was not.

Finally we got to go into the ‘Ice Cave’ which was the freezer store. We got to go in and experience the -17◦c temperatures; luckily they let us out again!

We all enjoyed our experience at Tesco’s. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the lovely staff who showed us around.