Your News: Children find voice in verse

Bourne Westfield pupils recite poetry
Bourne Westfield pupils recite poetry

Over 100 parents were astounded at the high quality poetry renditions from pupils from Y2 to Y6 at Bourne Westfield last Friday evening.

Bourne Westfield has pioneered the use of the LAMDA awards to raise children’s self-esteem, confidence and public speaking ability.

Bourne Westfield is now registered as an official examination (accreditation) centre for the LAMDA awards programme.

Cathy Mellor who runs the ‘Find Your Voice’ initiative is a great advocate of ensuring every child can stand up confidently and be heard. S

he is passionate about children’s learning and runs sessions both during and after school to give all children the opportunity to ‘Find Their Voice’.

Headteacher Elaine Radley commented “It has been amazing to see the growth in confidence the children have shown.

“Friday’s presentation was just the beginning of what we hope will be a long and rewarding relationship with the Find Your Voice programme.”

“Find Your Voice aims to help everyone speak to an audience with confidence” added Cathy Mellor “Everyone can benefit from learning this vital life skill.”