Your News: Big school fears are allayed

Fear of school EMN-140623-153847001
Fear of school EMN-140623-153847001

Approximately 50 GCSE and BTEC Year 10 Performing Arts students visited Morton, Thurlby, Westfield and Abbey primary schools this week to give performances entitled ‘Fears of Secondary School’ to Year 6 children.

These children will be leaving their primary schools in July and moving on to secondary education in September.

Bourne Academy students acted out several scenarios of situations that children new to secondary school could possibly be afraid of, then allayed these fears and also gave them information on life as a Year 7 student in a humorous way.

This was followed by a question and answer session.

These sessions have proved very popular with primary schools, and are very much enjoyed by both the children and Bourne Academy students who participated.

This is the third year they have performed at Westfield and Abbey primary schools and the first year at Morton and Thurlby primary schools.

Tom Swinn, Performing Arts Technician, said “The Year 6 students thoroughly enjoyed the performances, and hopefully we helped alleviate some of their fears about moving into a secondary school in September”.