Your News: Big Gig raises roof in aid of air ambulance

Big gig held at Bourne Academy to raise money for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance
Big gig held at Bourne Academy to raise money for the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance

When two students from Bourne Academy were hit by a vehicle on the A15 at Northorpe on Tuesday 7th January earlier this year, it was the Air Ambulance that responded in haste to transport the girls to a specialist unit for head injuries in Nottingham.

Since that day, Bourne Academy are pleased to report that the girls have both been back at school for half a term now, having been slowly re-introduced to their daily routine.

They even took part in the sponsored walk event for Sport Relief in late March.

As part of the charity fund raising climate that has swept through the school since becoming an Academy and making positive changes to their house system back in 2010. Bourne Academy’s Heads of House have regularly come together to think of ways that students can positively contribute to the community, by getting involved in charitable events.

It was with this in mind that the idea for ‘The Big Gig’ was hatched.

Teachers and students from Level 3 courses at Bourne Academy BTEC Music Technology, BTEC Art & Design and A-Level Performing Arts came together to plan and execute this new and exciting event that was to be held at Bourne Corn Exchange.

“It is the first time in nine years that we have held a young person’s event at the Corn Exchange, as we have had some damage caused in the past at 18th birthday parties and such like, but this was a very well run event indeed and the behaviour of the students was excellent. It was a fantastic family atmosphere” said Site Manger of the Corn Exchange Ian Bland.

The line-up for the evening was put together by Ted Fisk, Head of Performing Arts at Bourne Academy and founder of Cutting Hedge Promotions, which is a non-profit making Music Promotion company that offers the students the opportunities to gain hands on experience with live music events.

The school are very supportive of these events as it provides the students with real experiences to develop their musicianship and technical know-how in a highly pressured situation, which is of course is part and parcel of the industry.

The line-up for the evening began with soloist Leona Bilby, who came third in this year’s Bourne Academy’s Got Talent.

Her haunting but melodic sound is pleasing to the ear and unique in style. The songs are an independent folk style, of which are her own material and are expertly played and delivered with an assured confidence.”

Next up was ‘The Straights’ from Deeping, playing their rich brand of acoustic indie, treating the audience to their collection of tightly rehearsed fast paced covers from this decade such as ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse and ‘Dance Floor’ by Artic Monkeys to an Elvis Presley mash-up of ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.

It was refreshing to see songs in this style yet with a strong rhythm section provided by come expertly played cajon work from percussionist Luke Exton.

‘Dumb’ next, who are a mixture of band members from Braceborough and Bourne that like to thrash out their own style of fast paced hard rock anthems.

The four piece have been known for covers such as The Darkness’s ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’, yet tonight they took the opportunity to unleash their new material featured on their first self-titled EP.

Local followers of the band got behind their most well-known numbers such as ‘Insane’ setting the tone for an evening of movement and “moshing”, which was expertly ushered and kept a careful eye on by the ever-watchful professional security personnel that had been hired for the evening courtesy of the promotion group ‘Cutting Hedge’.

As an extra treat for students it was time for the master to demonstrate to the apprentices amongst the crowd to witness the virtuoso skills of their Head of Music Mr Aaron Beeken.

Aaron has been playing in rock bands for years and presently writes, performs and produces music for local band ‘Sons of Kal-El’.

Their hotly anticipated new album ‘Songs from the Phantom Zone’ was available to purchase on the night along with T-shirts and students from Mr Beeken’s BTEC course were on hand to support the band with their recently acquired technical expertise, helping on the night with the onstage sound, monitor mix and microphone settings.

The atmosphere was one of genuine support and praise for the band and the young people of Bourne had a visibly great time letting their hair down on the last day of term joining in with their inspirational music teacher’s trademark stance as a mark of respect.

Finally, to headline the event local heroes ‘Albion’ put on a tightly rehearsed spectacle that could only be compared to a professional rock concert.

Their set had it: all passion, pace and professionalism.

The light show that began with atmospheric music to a blacked out stage and the use of glow-sticks that were offered to everyone in the crowd, brought the Corn Exchange to life.

Screaming fans set the tone for a passionate display of fast paced indie/rock material from their newest EP ‘These are Holy Days’.

It is clear that ‘Albion’ have a loyal and supportive fan base and when songs such as ‘Home’ were belted out to the 250 capacity crowd and everyone was behind the very sentiment that Bourne was alive with the sound of music once more.

Lead vocalist Harry Preen’s lyrics capture the anticipant crowd’s urge to let it go when songs such as ‘Let Me Go’ reach their climax with the crowd singing “it’s gonna be alright!” – these are ‘Holy Days’ indeed.

Thank you Albion.

It was truly altogether an uplifting evening.

Students enjoyed and appreciated the hard work that had gone in to make the evening successful.

The right tone and atmosphere was set and sustained throughout the evening and it is likely that more events such as this may follow.

A mixture of parents, teachers and students from different local schools all had nothing but praise for a wonderful evening’s entertainment and above all the real success story was the money that was raised for the life-saving charity that is close to the hearts and minds of students, parents and staff at Bourne Academy.

A big thank you to Bourne Corn Exchange for allowing us to put this event on.

It is anticipated that more may follow – so look out for the Cutting Hedge posters this time next year.