Your News: Be smart and stay safe on the internet

Pictured, from left, Maddison Dimbleby, Vuyo Dube, Abigail Cramp and Sam Dix
Pictured, from left, Maddison Dimbleby, Vuyo Dube, Abigail Cramp and Sam Dix

This week we have been taking part in the annual ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. This means ‘No’ we are against Bullying. We all know what to do if we encounter bullying and how to deal with it fifty two weeks of the year. However, we do find that taking part in a focus week emphasises all that we do during the year.

The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week has been ‘The Future is Ours; Safe, Fun and Connected’, giving us an opportunity to focus on the benefits of positive communication rather than being held back by cyberbullying. Mrs Edwards launched the week with an interesting assembly highlighting the need to stay safe on the internet. She showed us a clip from a series of cartoons that have the theme of being smart and staying safe when we are using any form of communicating through technology. We have watched all the clips in the series over the week and we feel they are so important that we have put them on the school website so that they can be easily accessed all the time by our families and others in the community.

We also have had lots of advice about what to do if any of us were to feel uncomfortable or worried about anything seen online. We know that we should tell a trusted adult. All children at Bourne Abbey have a ‘Safe Hand’ of five people that they can turn to if worried or upset about anything. In addition to the assemblies we undertook lessons and activities connected to this theme, which have helped to remind us about how to stay safe and to say no to bullying. We will not accept being bullied and we will not be a bully.

Always important to us are our 3 Rs. Respect and Care for Yourself, Respect and Care for Others and Respect and Care for our School Community and the World in Which We Live.