Your News: Award-winning brass ensemble inspires pupils

Grayci-Mai Wilson and Nicole Haynes
Grayci-Mai Wilson and Nicole Haynes

Quintabile Brass Ensemble is an award winning quintet based in London.

Formed at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2007, they have performed at many prestigious events, including a recital for HRH Duke of Edinburgh and recordings for the BBC.

Quintabile also enjoy sharing their enthusiasm with school children and came to Bourne Abbey on Tuesday 18th March to give an interactive performance to the whole of Key Stage 2.

They spoke about their different instruments and how they are played, but also asked the children to become conductors and provide body percussion to accompany their rendition of Jessie J’s ‘Money’. From pop music to old time ragtime, Doctor Who to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme tunes, the concert allowed the children to hear familiar music played Quintabile style and what a fantastic opportunity it was for the children to have a live, professional brass ensemble here in school.

Many of our children showed a huge enthusiasm in wanting to learn one of the instruments following the concert yesterday and not only for the year 4 children who are currently having whole class brass and woodwind tuition, but to all of our musicians, it just showed how far you can go with a little practise and commitment.

Our very own Bourne Abbey Band practise regularly and put in huge dedication to their performances.

A huge thank you to Quintabile and the Lincolnshire Music Service for a truly inspiring musical experience.