Support for guide dogs

Bourne Westfield UGC
Bourne Westfield UGC

Our children were enthralled by an amazing visitor assembly last week.

Our recent assembly theme has been ‘Trust’ and this was yet another fascinating example of this, kindly facilitated by Liz from ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’, but brought especially to prominence by Sheila and Dennis who gave examples of how they go about their daily life.

In this, the key role played by their dogs was clearly such an important part and the immense trust shared between dog and owner that was so obvious.

Therefore, the presence and participation of a ‘retired’ Nanna plus Ozzie in their assembly was hugely captivating, especially when Ozzie, as not on duty at all times, kept seeking out possible lunch opportunities near the kitchen to the delight of the children!

The element of trust was then reinforced when Ozzie, now on duty, led Dennis 
safely and without contact through the entire key stage 2 children, stood and spread around the hall, to the command of ‘find the 

An amazing visit culminated with the donation of a £100 cheque from the school.

Guide Dogs for the Blind was founded in 1942 to serve returning Second World War veterans who lost their sight during the war.

Nick Chandler, deputy headteacher, commented, “They say never work with animals and children but this occasion proved the adage so wrong! It was such a memorable event and we are very proud as a school to support the phenomenal work the charity does in providing dogs for their visually impaired owners to unequivocally ‘trust’ in their daily lives!”

Elizabeth Roberts, volunteer fundraiser from Guide Dogs Spalding added: “Guide Dogs have no funding from the government and relies entirely on the generosity of people such as yourselves fundraising for them. Thank you.”