School’s name changes to Bourne Academy

Principal Laurence Reilly with pupils and the new sign in the background
Principal Laurence Reilly with pupils and the new sign in the background

PUPILS are reaping the benefits of a school’s conversion to academy status.

The former Robert Manning College started life as the Bourne Academy this month.

The new status means the school can choose how to spend its budget rather than Lincolnshire County Council making the decisions.

And headteacher Laurence Reilly has already overseen a number of improvements during the summer holidays, including a revamped reception area and 150 new computers.

Mr Reilly said: “Our modern reception area and office ensure that our visitors, particularly our parents, receive a warm welcome to the school.

“The new top of the range classroom computers mean that students in IT lessons do not have any of the infuriating delays that happen with older machines.”

The sixth form common room has been modernised with double-glazed windows and air conditioning, and the school hall has been decorated.

The Wake Knot, a traditional symbol of Bourne, has been incorporated into the school’s new logo.

Mr Reilly added: “The Academy is embarking on an improvement programme that will benefit all students, replicating the superb facilities in the newest parts of the school throughout the building.

“A larger scale plan to build additional science labs is also under consideration.

“Students overwhelmingly gave the ‘thumbs up’ to the school’s improved facilities in a recent survey of their opinion of school life.”

The county council recently decided to encourage all its state schools to convert to academies.

Bourne Abbey Primary Academy was the first primary school in Lincolnshire to convert, and Bourne Westfield Primary and Bourne Grammar School applied to convert this year.

The Deepings School has also applied and expects to convert by November 1.

The Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen converted in January.

The Bourne Academy’s transition went smoothly, and Mr Reilly hopes to build on what has been done this summer.

He added: “This is just the start of the increased investment in our facilities which would simply not have been possible without the additional funding that we now have at our disposal as a result of our academy status.”