Most children get first preference for school places


The vast majority of children in Stamford, Bourne and Rutland have been given a place at their primary school of choice.

In Lincolnshire, 93.6 per cent of children were given their first choice despite an increase in the number of requests for the most popular schools.

Of the 7,649 offers made to primary schools, 7,157 children will receive their first preference school, compared to 6,762 or 92.3 per cent last year.

The figure for second preference offers is 291 (3.8 per cent), and 75 for third preference offers (1 per cent). A total of 126 children will be offered a local school that isn’t one of their preferences compared to 132 last year.

In Bourne, there were 18 places offered for the new Elsea Park school which is due to open in September. There were 30 places available.

Parents have until May 20 to lodge an appeal if they are unhappy with the offered school. If they return the appeal form by the deadline it will be heard before the end of term - if it is received late it will still be heard but this may be in 

In Rutland, the number of applications for primary school places has increased during the last 12 months, but 97 per cent of children were still given their first preference for a primary school place this year.

Overall 99.2 per cent received one of their three chosen schools.