GCSE results: Rutland

Catmose College GCSE results Students celebrate'Photo: Alan Walters MSMP-21-08-14-06AW
Catmose College GCSE results Students celebrate'Photo: Alan Walters MSMP-21-08-14-06AW

Pupils in Rutland had plenty to cheer when their GCSE results were announced.

The impressive set of grades were reflected at a number of schools in the region.

Oakham School revealed that 33 per cent of exam results were A* grades while 87 per cent were awarded A*-B grade. And almost a third of pupils achieved straight A*s and A grades.

Headmaster Nigel Lashbrook said: “My heartfelt congratulations go to all those pupils who, along with their teachers, have worked so very hard to achieve such good results in a year when GCSE exams have become significantly more demanding.”

One of the most impressive results came from Oakham resident Tiéphaine Thomason who obtained 11 A*s and 2 A grades.

Casterton Business and Enterprise College saw 74 per cent of papers earning A*-C grades. And English and maths saw results well above the national average with 82 per cent of students achieving A*-C grades in maths and 65 per cent in English.

In addition, 26 per cent of pupils gained three or more A* and A grades,

Pupil Lucy Ann Taylor-Simpson, 16, from Great Casterton, got 3 Bs, 7 Cs and a D. She said: “I’m quite happy because I got on the course I want at New College Stamford.”

Lucy will go on to study A-levels in English, history and sociology after putting plenty of work into her revision. “I was working three or four hours a night, and then five towards the end,” she said.

Francesca Dooley, 16, from Ketton, got 3 A grades and 5 Bs. “I’m feeling good - I’m really happy,” she said. “It’s better than expected.”

Francesca has been accepted into the sixth form at Bourne Grammar School. She said she chose it because “it’s just a really good school.”

James Brompton, 16, from Ryhall, was pleased with his A grade, C grade and 3 Ds. “I’m feeling great,” he said. “I worked really hard.” James will begin a carpentry and joinery course at New College Stamford in September. He added: “I just like doing stuff with my hands. I can see myself going in to that career.”

And Connor Turford, 16, from Stretton, set himself up for a career in chemical engineering with his 3 As, 2 Bs, 3 Cs and a D. He said: “I feel great now I have finally got my results. Most of them were what I was predicted.”

Connor has been accepted at Rutland County College where he will study maths, physics, chemistry and history.

More than 67 per cent of students at Uppingham Community College gained five or more A* - C grades.

Megan Scott, Lucy Wright, Stanley Gilgrist, Jemima Oakey and Sam Williams achieved 11 A*-A grades, while Henrietta Durden, Angus Nichols, Harry Clarke, Lydia Thompson O’Connor and Rebecca Salt also gained 10 A-A*s.

Principal Jan Turner said: “I am extremely pleased that the hard work and efforts of our young people have been reflected in these outstanding results. I wish them every success in their future career paths.”

At Catmose College, nearly 30 pupils gained at least seven GCSEs at grades A* or A, while over a third of students achieved at least 3 A*s or As.

Over a quarter of all results were A* or A grades.

Principal Stuart Williams said: “Congratulations go to each and every one of our students who have collectively achieved another outstanding set of results.

“Their success is a testament to their considerable hard work and dedication, the support of their parents and the committment of the college staff. I wish them every success in their future endeavours.”

Will Alexander, 16, got 9 A*s and 1 A and now has a scholarship to do his A-Levels at Oakham School. “I’ve just opened my results. I’m absolutely over the moon,” he said. “I can’t believe it because I didn’t really feel like I worked that hard. I didn’t sleep that well last night worrying about it.

“It’s a huge relief. My mum can’t stop crying because she’s really proud of me.”

Heather Pople achieved 5 A*s, 3 As and a B and will go on to Melton Vale to study her A-Levels.

“I’m really happy with my results, I was really nervous,” she said. “I was worried I wouldn’t get what I needed for college but I’m really excited about going there. I’ll be going out without with my friends later to celebrate.”

Uppingham School enjoyed an improved set of GCSE results from last year. A third of all entries were graded A* and two-thirds were A*s or As.

Thirty pupils gained straight A* and As and 61 earned at least 8 A* and A grades.

Richard Harman, headmaster, said: “It is most rewarding to see the fantastic set of GCSE results that this year’s Upper Fifth have achieved. Their hard work over several years has paid off and it is a fine tribute to their dedication and that of the staff who teach them.”