Celebrating success at Stamford Endowed Schools speech day

Prize winners at Stamford High School EMN-140626-170901001
Prize winners at Stamford High School EMN-140626-170901001

Outstanding achievements in the classroom, on the sports field, in the community and on stage were celebrated at two school speech days.

Pupils from Stamford High School welcomed Jill Berry, a former head of the Dame Alice Harpur School and past president of the Girls’ Schools Association, to their celebratory event.

Dozens of pupils were joined by their parents, teachers and school governors to listen to her speech about the art of possibility before they were presented with their prizes for a full range of academic and extra-curricular activities.

Pupils at Stamford School were joined by Sir Peter Simpson, a consultant anaesthetist, for their speech day who told the boys that grit and determination are two of the most important attributes for success.

Principal of Stamford Endowed Schools, Stephen Roberts, said: “These events illustrate clearly the spirit of education at our schools. There is a culture of achievement and high expectation, and a strong desire to ensure all our pupils do well.

“I would like to thank our guest speakers and congratulate the pupils on their many accomplishments this year.”

The full list of winners is as follows:

Stamford School

Year 7

Academic Prize - Bertie Cliffe, Marco Pierbattisti, Tomas Morrison and Elliot Wade; Form Prize - Joe Martin, Jack Pacey, Barnaby Shand and George Hopper; Progress Prize - Tom Nottingham, Zak Ellis, Ben Lawrence and Michael Leo.

Year 8

Academic Prize - Jonathan Mason, Samuel Brunswick, Andrew Martin and Thomas Van Dongen; Form Prize - Jacob Shamsi, Jacob Nicoll, Jack Martin and Raefe Sullivan; Progress Prize - Thomas Porteus, Thomas Andrews, Henry Robinson and Jakob Galer-Rose

Year 9

Art - Henry Traylen; Biology - Charlie Germany; Chemistry - Cian Tye; Classical Civilisation - Jenson Morse; Design & Technology - Cian Tye; Drama - Harry Whattoff; English - Conor Leo; French - Conor Leo; Geography - Jay Clipston; German - Josh Lewis; History - Samuel Talbot; Latin - William Smith; Mathematics - Sam Rudd-Jones; Music - Sam Rudd-Jones; Philosophy and Ethics - Robbie Curtis; Physics - Steven Day; Russian - Henry McClarnon; Spanish - Conor Leo; All Rounder Scholarships - Hugo Bell, Jack Martin, Joshua Phipps and Harry Wightman; Sports Scholarships - Hugo Kedzlie and Archie Offer; Music Scholarships - William Puzey, Adam Richardson, Sam Rudd-Jones and Cian Tye

Year 10

Art - Jay Naylor; Biology - Samuel Chuter; Chemistry - Samuel Chuter; Classical Civilisation - George Hawkins; Design & Technology - Charles Smith; Drama - Charles Worrall; English - James Leetch; French - Eliot Siggs; Geography - Eliot Siggs; German - Ben Jones; John Terraine Prize for History - James Leetch; Latin - Rory Russell; Mathematics - Hal Parkes; Music - Lewis Golby; Philosophy and Ethics - Rory Russell; 
Physical Education - Charles Worrall; Physics - Jay Naylor; Russian - Tom Proffitt; Spanish - Samuel Chuter

Year 11

Art - Nicholas Beresford and Jack Stafford; Biology - Harry Musson; Chemistry - Douglas Douglas; Classical Civilisation - Matthew C Smith; Design & Technology - George Baker; Drama - George Robinson; English - Charlie Farrer; French - Felix Beech; Geography - William Wilson; German - Yannick Wright; History - Sam Leedham; Latin - Christopher England-Rendon; Mathematics - Aadam Saleem; Music - Benedict Swindells; Philosophy and Ethics - Jack Stafford; Physical Education - David Jennings and Laurence Sidwell; Ogden Prize for Physics - Callum Corbett; Russian - Michael Jordan; Spanish - Gordon Taylor.

Sixth form scholarships: Callum Corbett, Douglas Douglas, James Frost, James Ingamells, Michael Jordan, Jefferson Lee, Giorgio Rubbo, Matthew J Smith and Finn Vergalen; All Rounder Scholarships - David Jennings, Sam Martin, George Robinson and Matthew Warman; Music Scholarship: Harry Musson and Matthew J Smith; Sports Scholarships: Felix Beech and Sam Evison; McKenzie Mathematics Prize - Douglas Douglas

Prizes for service, sport and culture

Peter Scarcliffe Award for Excellence in Sport - Joey Evison, Ethan Archer and Alfie Shaw; John Sutcliffe Prize for Contribution to Year 9 - Edward Cox; Timothy Williams Memorial Prize for Endeavour - Matthew Fraser; House Prizes - Nicholas Kennedy, 
Charlie Germany, Cian Tye and Charles Petrie; Tinkler Prize for Piano - Jacob Nicoll and James Leetch; Hare Prize for Wind Instruments - Hugh Dalrymple and Robert Reiss; Percussion Prize - Donovan Jackson and Joe Williams; Kelham Prize for Strings - Sam Bradshaw and Benedict Swindells; Norgate Prize for Brass - Lawrence Hayes and Christopher Lane; Dixon Prize for Singing - Tristan Small and Fraser Norton; Kime Prize for Guitar - Dylan McGloin-Ashman and Ben Hurl; Middle School Sports Prize - Laurence Sidwell; Middle School Drama Performance Prize - Michael Jordan; Olive Morley Prize for Service to Byard House - Maxim Makerov; Firth Prize for Service to Senior Boarding - Harry Barnett; Old Stamfordian Prize for Service to Ancaster - Matthew J Smith; Old Stamfordian Prize for Service to Exeter - Jules Brahmachari; Shelford Prize for Service to Brazenose - Laurence Sidwell; Shelford Prize for Service to Radcliffe - Gordon Taylor; Packer Prize for Outstanding Contribution and Endeavour - Adam Freeman; 
Old Stamfordian Prize for Service to the School - David Jennings; Dolby Prize for Service to the School and Community - James Zhang; CCF Prize for Outstanding Middle School Cadet - Duncan Westbrook; Ulli Reiners prize - Freddie Osborn; Past Mayors’ Guild Trophy for Head of School - Christopher Allison

Stamford High School prize winners

Year 7

Academic excellence - Iris Powell, Sophie Piggott, Josephine Vie and Rosie Harvey; Individual Endeavour - Tegan Mould, Grace Bladry, Megan Glover and Josephine White.

Year 8

Academic excellence - Eloise Dickerson, Lydia Henderson, India Anderson and Aditi Ravikumar; Individual endeavour - Sofia Palmer, Eleanor Bender, Olivia Brimley and Jessica Hughes.

Year 9

Art - Charlotte Keith; Biology - Beatrice Guttridge-Smith; Chemistry - Lucy Little; Design Technology - Autumn Burrows; Drama - Lydia frost; English - Jemima Leedham; Geography - Rosie Beddows; HE Food: Lizzie Barnard; HE Textiles - Katie Crowther; History - Rebecca Holyland; Latin - Rachel Radbourne; Maths - Charlotte Twigg; Modern foreign languages - Lily Dwyer; Music - Grace Durose; Philosophy and ethics - Emilie Morris; Physics - Ruby Nelms

Year 10

Art - Anna Hindmarch; Biology - Caitlin Dickson; Chemistry - Emma Noble; Design Technology - Anna O’Donovan; Drama - Caitlin Nally; English Language - Emily Watt; Literature - Charlotte Crombie; French - Emily Watt; Geography - Olivia Ellson; German - Elizaveta Kisteneva; HE Food & Nutrition - Alice Hardie; HE Textiles - Antalya Todd; History - Bella Mitchell; Latin - Emily Watt; Mathematics - Charlotte Crombie; Music - Alice Cracknell; Philosophy & Ethics - Bella Mitchell; Physical Education - Gemma Andreae; Physics - Emma Noble; Russian - Emily Watt; Spanish - Olivia Cavalieri

Year 11

Art - Lauren Gracey; Biology - Cliodhna Burke; Chemistry - Megan Stoker; Design Technology - Harriet Barlow; Drama - Emily Skelton; English Language - Caitlin Findlay; Literature - Martha Radbourne; French - Penelope Skinner; Geography - Charlotte Warman; German - Cliodhna Burke; HE Food & Nutrition - Molly Naylor; HE Textiles - Sophie Khas; History - Isobel Billington; Latin - Martha Radbourne; 
Mathematics- Cliodhna Burke; Music - Sanjana Kamath; Philosophy & Ethics - Eliza Kay; Physical Education - Honor Munro-Hall; Physics - Maddy Young; Russian - Caitlin Cameron;

Spanish - Isabel Thomas and Holly Durrant.

Special awards

The Hawes Trophy - Emma Hunter; The Sarah Cutbush Memorial Cup - Colette Russell; Sarah Boddington Memorial Cup - Sophie Piggott; The Ann Palmer Literary Prize - Isabel Thomas; The Hilde Williams Cup - Holly Smith; Hopper Cup for Boarders’ Services - Hannah Croft; 
Headmistress’ Prize - Sophie Skelton; The Key Stage 3 Challenge Cup - Lottie Smith; The Old Girls’ Guild Prize - Jemma Leedham; Bishop Maureen Jones Cup - Rosie Robson; The Ogden Physics Prize - Colette Russell; Frieda Gosling Cup for Geography - Sophie Rickett; Gillman Award for Music (piano) - Becky Taylor; Rachel Yates Award for Music - Harriet Reilly; 
The Emily McGregor Trophy for Music - Abigail Martin; The Birkbeck Cup for Drama - Katherine Gibbons;

The Bartlett Cup - Molly Atkinson; The Helen Preston Cup - Joanna Crombie; The Kelly Roche Cup- Anna Little; The Sarah Outen Challenge Cup - Emily Tolhurst; Margaret Cutting Memorial Awards - Molly Mitchell, Alice Wakefield, Rachel Allerton and Harriet Reilly; CCF Navy - Alice Scott; Army - Katy Frostwick; RAF - Sophie Peng

School officials for 2013-14

The Old Girls’ Jubilee Award - Carys Nally; Head Girl’s Award - Carys Nally; Deputy Head Girl’s Award - Anna Nelson; Senior Prefect’s Award - Ismay Fox.