Cash needed for building repairs at Langtoft Pre-School

Claire Rice, at Langtoft Pre-School, whose building is in need of repair
Claire Rice, at Langtoft Pre-School, whose building is in need of repair

An “outstanding” nursery is desperately seeking to raise cash to carry out much needed repairs.

Langtoft Pre-School, in Manor Close, has a catalogue of maintenance works that just never get done.

Manager Claire Rice, who has a team of seven staff, said: “The interior is superb and recently we were rated as outstanding by Ofsted in 2011.

“But there are just so many areas of the building where maintenance work is needed.

“But we just don’t have the money to get them done.

“We have made it as nice as we can inside and it is a lovely place to work. But it is difficult knowing how the building appears to people as they arrive.”

The pre-school has a grant of £10,000 for maintenance but Ms Rice says the total cost would be double that amount.

She said: “We could juggle some of the money we spend on the children and use it for some repairs but that would harm the quality of the service we provide.

“The list of repairs is endless and we want the place to look lovely and colourful.”

Among the items that need repairing are:

- Tiling – floor tiles are missing, particularly near steps and ramps at access points to the building.

- Old-fashioned kitchen that does not have a sink or cooker.

- Cloakroom – the shell is complete but it does not have heating, decoration or storage facilities.

- Doors – in some cases handles are hanging off and a main sliding door does not work properly.

The pre-school, which has about 33 children a week, moved into the building in 1994 when it was owned by South Kesteven District Council.

After the council handed over the buildings to the pre-school, the group has been solely responsible for the maintenance of the premises.

Ms Rice said: “There is just so much that needs to be done.

“We do a lot of fund-raising already and to raise the extra money that way would mean having to do even more.”

Anyone who can help the group raise funds or even help to get some of the repair works done should contact Ms Rice on 07852834700.