‘Don’t smoke in work vehicles’ warns SKDC

No smoking allowed
No smoking allowed

South Kesteven District Council is asking employers to check the rules around smoking in vehicles used for work.

In the run up to No Smoking Day on March 9, the council is reiterating rules that require smoke-free environments in all workplaces, including vehicles used for public transport.

These include taxis, private hire vehicles, company cars, delivery vans, lorries and heavy goods vehicles.

This ensures all workers are protected from the risks to health from tobacco smoke and are guaranteed their right to work in a smoke-free environment.

Managers must ensure all public transport and work vehicles are smoke-free and display ‘no-smoking’ signs in a prominent position. They must also take reasonable steps to ensure that employees and customers are aware that vehicles used for public transport and work purposes are legally required to be smoke-free.

Penalties include:

* Failure to display minimum no smoking signs up to £200 fixed penalty notice or up to £1000 fine;

* Smoking in a no-smoking place up to £50 fixed penalty notice or up to £200 fine;

* Failure to prevent smoking in a smoke-free place up to £2500 fine.

In South Kesteven, taxi or private hire drivers also receive three points on their taxi licence for breaches of smoking in their vehicle.

Employers can register for free signage and guidance at www.smokefreeengland.co.uk