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Distraught parents' plea for theft to stop

A bench in memory of Shaun Porter in Bourne
A bench in memory of Shaun Porter in Bourne

A distraught Bourne couple have launched an emotional appeal for whoever is stealing flowers from their son’s memorial bench.

Vera and Barry Porter lost their son, Shaun, 10 years ago when he was killed in a tragic accident when his forklift truck overturned while working for Trackline International Ltd.

Shaun’s friends were so moved they helped fund a memorial bench, and this was positioned in Spalding Road, Bourne, at the spot where he died.

Every year family and friends leave flowers on Shaun’s birthday, and the day of his death, and wreaths at Christmas, but each anniversary the tributes have been stolen.

And now as another anniversary approaches, his parents feel that enough is enough.

Vera Porter said: “Our son died on August 11, and it’s his birthday on July 19. There’s always artificial flowers at the bench, and in August family and friends will remember him with fresh


“We are appealing for the person or people who are taking the tributes to stop. Enough is enough.

“Between us this has caused us a great deal distress and upset at what is a very sad time for us.

“All we want to do is remember our son, and this opportunity is being taken away from us.

“The bench is a place where we can pay our respects and remember Shaun, but the thefts are stopping us from remembering him how we want to.”

Husband Barry agreed. He said: “The wreaths were tied on top the bench with a wire and they were still taken.

“This isn’t a random act of stupidity, it is something which whoever is doing this has planned. It is malicious and heartbreaking. It is disgusting.”

Anyone who sees anyone taking flowers from the bench should contact police on 101.

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