Deepings Arts Association to disband in the face of ‘apathy’

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A community arts charity set up to provide a performance and exhibition space for the Deepings has announced its intention to disband.

The trustees of Deepings Arts Community Association will meet at the Deeping Community Centre at 7.30pm on Friday.

On the agenda is a proposal to change the charity’s constitution to allow it to be dissolved. People have been invited to find out more about the situation and join the discussion on the night, but will not be able to vote on the proposal.

A press release from Deepings Arts chairman Derek Osbore said the charity was “reluctantly considering winding up its activities” after years of campaigning for a community performing and visual arts centre.

The building was part of Larkfleet Homes’ plan for The Orchard in Spalding Road, Deeping St James. But a number of factors, including a change to the plans that meant the centre would have less space and would be at the back of the site, put the development on hold.

The charity initially planned to raise between £1.8m and £2.5m for the building.

Mr Osborne added: “Initial encouragement and then subsequent apathy of local groups likely to take part in the quest have also contributed to the decision by the remaining trustees and the committee to bring the association to an end.”

According to the Charities Commission website there are three trustees of Deepings Arts. They are Mr Osborne, Marina Palmer and Pauline Adkins.

The charity reported income of £6,847 and expenditure of £4,644 in 2012, but has not yet reported accounts for 2013.

The trustees hope to change a clause in their constitution to enable them to donate the remaining funds to similar charities in the area.