Police warning after attempted theft of Audi RS4s

An Audi RS4
An Audi RS4

Police have warned Audi owners to stay vigilant after several attempted thefts.

Lincolnshire Police received reports of at least two attempted thefts of Audi RS4s in the south of the county in the last fortnight.

Inspector Mike Burnett said: “We are issuing this security reminder in light of the fact that Audis, and in particular the RS4 model, seem to be of interest to offenders.

“Please make sure your vehicle is as safe and secure as it can be. If possible park it in a locked garage or outhouse or at least a well-lit area. Always make sure your vehicle is properly deadlocked and your alarm is fully activated before walking away.

“In addition, please check your home security and lock all your doors and windows properly. Opportunistic criminals are not adverse to trying door handles to see if they can easily access a property and steal keys.

“Finally, report any suspicious activity or people to us. If you see something that is odd or out of place around a vehicle it could be just the information we need to find the people responsible.”