Police warn people about ‘Mr Angry’ prank calls

Lincolnshire Police news.
Lincolnshire Police news.

Police are warning people about prank phone calls which are pre-recorded in readiness for a variety of responses from victims.

One number identified as an origin of the calls is 07520 619334 and they range from an angry-sounding man who claims you have hit his car to one who believes his wi-fi system has been stolen.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “The calls can leave the recipient confused, annoyed and sometimes frightened because whilst they are pre-recorded messages, they anticipate the recipients’ response and so can give the impression that you are speaking directly with someone.

“Whilst this doesn’t necessarily need to be reported to Police, we would advise anyone with particular concerns to contact us or your local telephone provider who may be able to put a block on calls such as these. “If you are getting calls at night, you could put your phone on night mode, switch it off or just ignore the call completely.”

Anyone with concerns should call 101.