Footballers seeking help to tackle vandals

Vandals sprayed grafitti on the football club changing rooms
Vandals sprayed grafitti on the football club changing rooms
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A football club manager wants action to stop vandals targeting his team’s changing rooms which are regularly damaged.

Yobs spray grafitti on the changing facilities at the playing fields on Recreation Road, in Bourne, and break windows.

They leave smashed glass bottles on the ground by the facility and also on the pitches and steal roof tiles.

Recently staff and players with Bourne Town Juniors Football Club who use the facility joined the community to clean up the site.

Then just nine days later new grafitti was sprayed on the changing rooms.

It has led Lee Clark, manager of Bourne Town Juniors U8’s team, to call for South Kesteven District Council, which owns the land, to errect fencing to protect the site.

He said: “We got to a point where there was more and more grafitti and the building was ugly.

“The building became an eyesore and it was very embarassing for the club.

“The council said repairing the damage falls into the club’s remit under the lease.

“At the end of the community day the changing rooms looked presentable.

“Then just nine days later grafitti was sprayed on the front door.

“We were absolutely gutted.”

The latest grafitti has been wiped off as anti-vandalism paint was used during the recent community clean-up.

Lee, 42, added: “We’ve had enough and it’s frustrating.

“If there was a fence it would stop people damaging them.”

Lee added that although the facilities are overlooked by houses there are some places where people can act unseen.

Police have been told and are to increase patrols there.

Nick Neilson (Con), the district council’s cabinet member for communities and wellbeing, said: “We have assured Mr Clark that patrols of the recreation ground will take place to help deter further criminal damage taking place. We are also working with Lincolnshire Police to assess what other measures could tackle this issue going forward.”