Eagle-eyed CCTV operator spots thief riding stolen Inspire+ bike through Grantham

This bike, stolen from Grantham-based sports charity Inspire+, has been returned.
This bike, stolen from Grantham-based sports charity Inspire+, has been returned.

The district council’s CCTV team have been commended after spotting the stolen Inspire+ bike on camera.

Over the May Bank Holiday, Grantham-based sports charity Inspire+ had its road bike stolen, but last week it was seen in Grantham being ridden by the suspected thief.

South Kesteven District Council’s business manager for community safety and licensing Mark Jones said: “An experienced member of the team that monitors the town centre CCTV cameras was directly responsible for reuniting a stolen bicycle with its rightful owner.

“He observed the stolen bicycle being ridden in town, made the police aware and monitored the situation until they arrived.

“This was a really good example of how local media messages combined with the efforts of an observant and community spirited member of staff has achieved a fantastic outcome for this community group.”

This year the bike has been traveling around schools within South Kesteven as part of the annual Legacy Tour which this year focused on the charity’s ambassador, adventurer, Sarah Outen MBE.

Inspire+ CEO Vincent Brittain said: “Over the past two years the bike has helped to inspire thousands of young people to become more physically active and to adopt healthier lifestyles.

“We are delighted that it has been returned not just because of the potential financial loss for the charity, but also the sentimental value of the bike which has been ridden by thousands of children.

“I would like to thank the CCTV team and Lincolnshire Police for returning our bike.”