Conmen target bank cards of elderly Lincolnshire residents

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Police have warned people to be on their guard against a courier scam.

Reports have come in from across Lincolnshire, including Bourne, of people being conned into handing over their bank details.

Officers investigating the reports say the scammers concentrate on a particular area before moving on. A police spokesman said: “We believe there will be many more attempts in our area and sadly there may be further residents who become victims of this scam.

“As with many of these scams, offenders often target vulnerable or elderly people. If you have an elderly relative or neighbour you can help by warning them about this.”

The con artists initially contact victims on the phone pretending to be a police officer. They say someone has made a fraudulent transaction on their card. The victim will then be told to contact their bank.

The victim hands up but the conman does not. When the victim picks up the phone to call the bank they are asked personal questions such as pin numbers. The scammer then tells the victim they will send a courier to collect their old card. Victims have had up to £2,000 taken from their accounts as a result of the scam.