Bourne hotel manager ‘kicked ex’s car’, court hears

Grantham Magistrates Court
Grantham Magistrates Court

A Bourne hotel manager damaged a car as his partner tried to drive off following a blazing row, a court has heard.

Bryan Roberts, 35, of Carlton Meres Country Park, Saxmundham, Suffolk, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to the car at the Angel Hotel in North Street, Bourne, on May 16.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace told Grantham Magistrates Court that Roberts and his partner of a year lived in a flat provided by the hotel. Roberts had gone to work on May 15 leaving his partner and her young child, from a previous relationship, in the flat. She later messaged him on Facebook that evening and he replied from a pub in Bourne.

He later returned to the flat at 10.30pm with some fast food and said he had met some people. He then went downstairs to wait for them. His partner tried to contact him at the hotel but there was no reply. She then called her mother and asked her to come and pick up the child. When her mother arrived she put the child in the car.

Miss Stace said that when they tried to drive away Roberts was stood in the way. When she pulled away she felt him kick the car. Roberts damaged the car near the filler cap.

Roberts, who was not represented, told the court he had been out for the evening and when he returned he and his partner had a row. He said there was a “physical altercation” and he was arrested the next morning, but no further action was taken.

He said he had been drinking that night and was unsteady on his feet. He said: “I have caused the damage accidentally. She clipped me with the wing mirror. I stepped to one side and I was unsteady on my feet and I have come into the car.”

Magistrates ordered Roberts to pay compensation of £750.76 for the damage he caused to the car. He was also ordered to pay a criminal court charge of £150 and costs of £85.