Could you give Sammi a home?

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I am the beautiful Sammi. I have been with my friends at Three Counties for four years now but I am only five myself. For some reason I seem to be overlooked every time someone comes to find a new companion. They don't know what they are missing because I am a friendly, energetic and enthusiastic dog. I do get a bit excited at first when I get out for a run because I am a happy girl but once I have let off steam I am ready to learn commands as long as there is a treat waiting. Some of the others here have done a bit of dog agility and I reckon I would be good at that. One word of warning. You would need to make sure you have good 6ft fencing keeping me secure in your garden as I am an excellent jumper.

If you would like me for your happy go lucky companion give Gyll Mauchline a call on 077085 89792 or 01778 440318 (between 9am and 5pm).

You can see more about me on