Cold wait for boiler repair


In the midst of the coldest temperatures this winter, a couple in their 60s remain without a working boiler after a two week wait.

Paul and Ruth Hayton are struggling to keep warm at their home in Station Avenue, South Witham. As the property is owned by South Kesteven District Council, boiler repairs come under the remit of contractors Liberty Gas.

The couple are particularly concerned about the effect on their health, with Paul, 67, having suffered a heart attack and required triple bypass surgery at the end of 2014, while Ruth, 60, is diabetic.

Mr Hayton said he contacted the council straight away and Liberty Gas attended last week. They were due to return on Monday with a new part but called to say they couldn’t return until Wednesday.

The couple were forced to take time off work on both days. They were then told on Wednesday, it was a more serious problem.

Mr Hayton added: “It was only serviced last November, so I think something should have been picked up then. And now we’ve got to wait again.”

The only heating they have in the house is a gas fire in the living room, and for hot water they have to boil a kettle due to not having an immersion heater, although this is contested by SKDC. On Wednesday they were provided with some temporary electrical heaters, but given no date for the repairs, as it depends on when the parts can be obtained.

SKDC’s property manager Neil Cucksey said: “We are aware of the issue with the heating at Station Avenue and our contractors Liberty Gas have been out to the property to try to fix the problem.

“They were on site on Wednesday morning and fixed the original issue which had been reported to us, however that generated a subsequent issue which now needs to be fixed. Liberty Gas have explained the situation to the tenant and will resolve the problem as soon as possible.”