Call for action at ‘dangerous junction’ in Stamford

A care home manager from Stamford is calling for double-yellow lines to be painted near a “dangerous junction” after her car was written-off when she was involved in a collision there.

On Tuesday around 9.30am Julie Britten was pulling out of the junction of Green Lane and Alexander Road.

As she did so, her Jaguar XF was involved in a collision with another car.

Julie, who manages a care home in Huntingdon, is now calling on the county council to install the lines as she said visibility is poor at the junction due to cars parked right up to the edge of it.

“The junction is absolutely horrendous,” Julie said.

“You feel like you are playing chicken every time you get up to it. For 99 per cent of the time people park there practically right up to the edge of the road.

“I want something done like putting down double yellow lines so people can’t park there.”

Julie said the collision happened as she slowly pulled out onto Green Lane.

Julie did not suffer any injuries in the collision but her Jaguar suffered substantial damaged to the front of the vehicle.

The Highway Code specifically prohibits parking near to a junction.

Lincolnshire County Council said the possibility of installing additional parking restrictions at the junction could be explored.

A spokesman for the council said: “If someone parks in a way that creates a hazard for other road users, they could face police action, and the Highway Code specifically prohibits parking near to a junction.

“Additional parking restrictions could be investigated if requested by the local community or the police to address a particular issue.

“There would then need to be local consultation, and, if any objections are received, they would have to be considered by our planning and regulation 

Ian Martin, community policing inspector for Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings, said that the police had no power to install parking 

He said: “This area of Stamford is very tough to navigate in especially when there are vehicles parked alongside there.

“It just needs slow navigation of traffic.”