Your News: Larkfleet laying foundations for future careers

News from the Bourne Local -, @thebournelocal on Twitter,
News from the Bourne Local -, @thebournelocal on Twitter,
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Larkfleet Group marketing director Helen Jones writes about the firm in Falcon Way, Bourne, providing advice and experience for young people interested in a career in construction.

Larkfleet Group was delighted to visit Bourne Academy earlier this month to take part in the school’s Year 9 Careers Day.

Group companies Larkfleet Homes and Larkfleet Renewables delivered presentations and provided educational activities to the entire year group so pupils could gain an insight into the many different careers in construction and what they entail.

Larkfleet’s involvement in the careers day supports its continuing investment in young people within the industry.

The company regularly takes on young apprentices who gain valuable on-site experience whilst they study for their construction qualifications at college. Larkfleet’s most recent intake of apprentices took place in October and includes local students studying carpentry, plumbing and bricklaying.

For the first time, Larkfleet is also currently employing three local graduates across the Larkfleet Group, providing local young businessmen with business experience.

Graduates Tom Kelly from Stamford and Angus Riddel and Craig Templeman from Peterborough are all working with directors of Larkfleet Group on a variety of projects in order to gain knowledge and insight into how a successful business operates.

Larkfleet CEO Karl Hick commented: “Angus, Tom and Craig are doing excellent work within Larkfleet Group and it is a pleasure to have them work with us.

“Larkfleet is committed to investing in the future of young people and has been running construction apprenticeships for many years. I hope that the new business-focused roles that these young graduates have filled will create a pathway for new young recruits to follow in years to come.”

Larkfleet Group comprises several companies that have a joint focus and established expertise in many areas of sustainability. The group provides high quality, energy-efficient housing, domestic and large scale energy-saving technologies, and renewable energy generation projects, whilst investing in the future sustainability of the construction industry.