Top earners at South Kesteven District Council revealed

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Four top bosses at South Kesteven District Council earn more than £100,000 a year, according to the Taxpayers Alliance lobby group, while two at Rutland County Council do.

SKDC’s highest paid boss is chief executive Aidan Rave, who joined the council last year. The CEO salary for 2016/17 is given as £123,000 with a further £21,000 in pension contributions.

Three strategic directors were also listed as receiving a salary of £93,000, with bonuses and pension contributions taking their pay to £109,000-£117,000.

At Lincolnshire County Council, 11 staff were listed as earning above £100,000.

Its highest paid was chief executive Tony McArdle whose £172,016 salary is boosted by a £34,125 pension contribution, giving him a total package of £206,141.

Meanwhile, at Rutland County Council, the chief executive Helen Briggs earns £121,200, while the director of people Dr Tim O’Neill - also the deputy chief executive - earns £101,000.