The Sugar Mill in Bourne could open until early hours

The Sugar Mill pub, Elsea Park, Bourne.'Photo: MSMP050113-017ow ENGEMN00120130501171400
The Sugar Mill pub, Elsea Park, Bourne.'Photo: MSMP050113-017ow ENGEMN00120130501171400

The opening hours of a family pub could be extended to 1am despite planners initially forcing the venue to close at 11.30pm.

Marston’s has applied to South Kesteven District Council to increase the hours of The Sugar Mill, near the Elsea Park roundabout in Bourne.

When planning permission was first granted in March 2012 it was on the condition that the pub could only open between 10.30am and 11.30pm.

But Marston’s now wants to extend the hours, to open at 8am and close at 1am the next day.

The application will be considered by South Kesteven District Council’s development control committee on Tuesday. Council officers have recommended the new hours be approved.

According to a report to councillors, allowing later opening “has the potention to cause noise disturbance, particularly to properties to the immediate north on Tully Close.”

The report adds: “Use of the outside eating area to the front of the property would not be acceptable (during extended hours) and need to be controlled; this could be done through a locked gate along with existing planting and a low rail fence.

“Use of the outside seating area that is to the south of the building is not an overriding issue given that the customers would have to pass the area to access the public house from the car park.

“The primary issue is, therefore, to ensure that noise sensitive areas are not occupied in the small hours so that the amenity of nearby properties is not compromised.”

Marston’s has said it would be able to cordon off the beer garden at the front of the pub with a lockable gate.

Bourne Town Council has objected strongly to the proposed increase in hours. Councillors felt the condition “was added to protect the amenity of neighbouring residents and should remain in place.”

Five letters of objection were also sent to the district council, raising several issues.

One questioned why a family pub needed to open until 1am.

Another suggested neighbouring residents were already disturbed by noise from the pub, and extended opening hours would make that worse.

One said there were “outstanding issues” relating to planting and screening that should be addressed before a decision was made.

And another said noise would be “intolerable” during the summer.