New time limit for Deeping Shopping Centre car park

The Deeping Shopping Centre
The Deeping Shopping Centre

A new time limit will be imposed at a shopping centre car park.

A maximum stay of three hours will be enforced at the Deeping Shopping Centre, off Godsey Lane, in the coming months.

The existing long and short stay car parks, which are both free, will be combined into, with video vehicle registration monitoring coming into force between 6am and 6pm. The short-stay car park currently has a time limit of two hours.

New River Retail, which owns the centre, says it wants to allow more people to visit the shops on a more regular basis while improving security for shoppers and tenants.

The company will take up some of the existing car park with one of two new retail units, which were granted planning permission after an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in June.

A spokesman said: “We have noticed that many people are not adhering to the two hour maximum parking rule and are leaving their car in the car park for a whole day – often to catch the park and ride into Peterborough.

“We want to encourage more people to stay in the town centre and ‘shop local’. To do this we need to make sure there are a sufficient number of parking spaces at the Deeping Shopping Centre on a more regular basis.

“Also, as it is a private car park our tenants pay to maintain its upkeep which is why we are able to offer free parking. As such they want to ensure parking is available to as many of its customers as possible.”

A date for the changes has not yet been confirmed. Restrictions will not apply during special events such as the Christmas market.