Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council object to two food store plans

The Lord Nelson, Morton.'Photo: MSMP291013-012ow
The Lord Nelson, Morton.'Photo: MSMP291013-012ow

Parish councillors say their village does not need any more food shops after two separate planning applications were submitted.

Lincolnshire Co-operative and Saxondale Properties have both submitted planning applications to build shops in Morton.

Lincolnshire Co-op has already knocked down the old King’s Head pub in High Street. And Saxondale wants to demolish the Lord Nelson in Bourne Road and build a shop in its place.

The two sites lie either side of the busy A15 crossroad.

Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council met to discuss the plans and councillors decided to object to both applications.

Members were concerned about the impact just one food store, let alone two, would have on the A15 traffic.

Councillors said either development could lead to a build-up of traffic. This could in turn make the crossroads more dangerous for pedestrians.

Regarding the King’s Head site, councillors said the proposed position of the building would cause poor visibility to the north for drivers leaving High Street.

And on Saxondale’s plans, councillors said it was unnecessary to demolish a pub which could be modernised inside.

Council clerk Terry Barnatt said there was no need for two or more convenience stores in Morton.

He added: “There is quite a bit of concern about the future of the post office if we get another shop. It is not a direct competitor but it does have a shop which serves the village very well.

“But we have just got to see what the district council’s planning committee says.”

Mr Barnatt said it was an odd situation to have two applications over the road from each other, but it was important for councillors to consider each plan on their own merits.

He added: “We have got to try and divorce ourselves from the fact there are two applications, in some ways.

“We have got to put forward the points of why, in their own ways,they are not acceptable.”

Saxondale revealed its plans for the Lord Nelson to the village at a public exhibition in October.

Parish councillors say they were told Co-operative Food was the prospective tenant for the new store. But the chain has refused to confirm whether or not it is interested in the site.

Both applications can be seen by searching for S13/3162 (King’s Head) or S13/3116 (Lord Nelson) at