Expansion plans will ‘help boost Bourne’s economy’

Daniel Hiblin, director of Workplace Property at King's street industrial site near Langtoft. EMN-140411-192329009
Daniel Hiblin, director of Workplace Property at King's street industrial site near Langtoft. EMN-140411-192329009

A businessman hopes to expand on the success of his industrial estate by opening a new site in the “buoyant” town of Bourne.

Dan Hiblin and his father Richard run the King Street Industrial Estate in Langtoft through their company, Workplace Property.

Business has been good for the family over the last few years and the estate now has just one vacant unit, which is currently under offer.

Dan has now turned his attention to Bourne, where he sees a growing market for expansion. He has planning permission for 20 business units on a 17-acre site off Cherry Holt Road, and is about to submit further plans for another 20. Together they will form the Riverside Business Park on the banks of the Eau.

“The way that Bourne is growing in terms of houses, we think it seems quite a buoyant town,” said Dan.

“Commercial space seems to be well let, so perhaps there is an opportunity for us to help the local economy.

“If you have got a commerce centre, no matter how large or small, it’s nice if these towns can keep the money within them. To have a mini economy there seems sensible to me.”

Dan grew up in Thurlby, where he saw the amount of traffic driving from Bourne to Peterborough on the A15 grow year by year. But he hopes this pattern will reverse, to the benefit of Bourne businesses and residents.

He said: “Why drive half an hour or more into Peterborough when you can walk, cycle or drive a short distance within your own town?”

There is no firm opening date for Riverside Business Park, and much will depend on the planning process. But Dan is already fielding questions on the project.

“We have had a bit of interest, mainly from people looking for units in Langtoft,” he said. “But it’s too early to have any firm interest.”

The Hiblins bought the Langtoft site in 1971 to act as a base for entrepreneur Richard’s start-up company REH Cleaning. Richard founded several manufacturing businesses and the estate grew organically alongside them.

It now has 32 units of differing sizes and is home to a range of businesses, from manufacturers to retailers such as Sophie Allport Ltd.

“Some firms use them for workshops, some for storage and distribution, some for training centres and offices,” said Dan, who puts much of the site’s success down to the location.

He added: “The reason we do work is that we are in the middle of Bourne, Stamford and the Deepings. We are quite centrally-located for all of these towns.

“It’s quite easy for companies to bring in staff.”

Anyone interested in the Langtoft or Bourne sites can e-mail enquiries@workplaceproperty.com.