Burger wars break out in Bourne over new McDonald’s

Staff from George's Fish Bar in Bourne promote deals outside the new McDonald's EMN-140708-114051001
Staff from George's Fish Bar in Bourne promote deals outside the new McDonald's EMN-140708-114051001
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Staff from a family-run takeaway took to the streets to persuade people to avoid big chains and support their local chippies.

A group of 12 employees from George’s Fish Bar in Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, spent Wednesday stood on the roundabout in South Road.

Armed with placards and with some dressed in fish and chip mascot outfits, they tried to hook drivers heading to the new McDonald’s, which opened that day. They used bait of a quarter-pounder and chips for £1.50 and children’s meals for 50p to entice people instead to go to the family-run takeaway.

Owner George Georgio said the tactic was not a protest against McDonald’s, but a demonstration that his business and others like it could compete with the global fast food giant.

“We have been here for 13 years supporting the people of Bourne,” said George. “We want people to think of us when they go to big giants. We can compete.

“The big fish sometimes swallows the smaller fish, but the smaller fish can sting. We want people to know that we are here as well.

“We are a sole trader, and a family-run business. We employ 19 staff, all from Bourne.”

George said he had spent more than £300 on his army of staff for the demonstration. But many people responded to the mascots and signs.

“We got a massive response,” said George. “We can drop prices and we can compete just as well as they can. I had about 80 e-mails on the day. Everyone was so pleased that we have done it. They said it’s good that someone is standing up. People want that.

“I sold triple the amount of burgers and triple the amount of kids meals. We agreed a special price with the contractor.”

George’s campaign also drew support on social media. Facebook user Emma Pratt posted on the shop’s official page: “Support local businesses in Bourne! Go George!!! #GoGeorge.”

Twitter users also commented on the opening of the new McDonald’s. User @kettle_steven said: “Bourne just got a tad better with McDonald’s opening today.”

But @laurenallenxxx was less convinced, posting: “McDonald’s is in Bourne and I’m not bothered, probs won’t end up buying anything for like a month.”

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