Bourne mum to run marathon for charity

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Sophie and Georgie Potts at home in BournePhoto: Lee Hellwing

Sophie and Daniel Potts’ daughter, Georgie, nine, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January last year and since then the family’s life has been transformed.

Each day, Georgie’s blood sugar has to be checked at regular intervals, and is controlled by insulin injections.

Sophie, who is originally from Stamford, is going to be pounding the pavements of London in April this year to raise cash for Diabetes UK, as part of its team of runners, as she wants to try make the lives of sufferers better.

She said: “I feel sad, even though she is a girl who takes an enormous amount of pleasure out of life, she knows her life is shadowed by this.

“For me I would run a thousand marathons if it made someone’s life living with this disease just that little bit better.”

As part of Georgie’s daily routine her blood sugar has to be tested by pricking her finger with a needle and placing it on a test strip. The amount of carbohydrates she eats at every meal has to be planned and a dose of insulin she is injected with is based around this.

Sophie, a former Army dog handler based at North Luffenham, said she would like to change people’s perception of diabetes, adding: “I would like to change them. People don’t realise it isn’t something you can see. She is still normal and at school but if her blood sugar is low she will pass out.”

The Freestyle Libre device was recently made available in some areas of the country by the NHS and scans to give an accurate blood sugar reading.

Sophie added she hopes it will be made available in Bourne as it would “transform Georgie’s life” and make it easier to manage her condition.

Georgie who attends Bourne Elsea Park Academy doesn’t let diabetes stop her from being active and she loves cross country running at school.

Sophie, who is a HSES Advisor, is training every day in preparation for the marathon with a help of a routine prepared by Universal Fitness Centre in Bourne.

And Georgie even joins her in gym training sessions by walking on a treadmill beside her.

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