Book shines light on life of Edenham vicar

A Market Deeping woman has written a book which charts the life of a Edenham vicar.

Arthur Galton died in 1921 after acting as vicar of the Church of St Michael for the previous 17 years.

Arthur Galton was a friend of many high-profile figures such as Australian poet and novelist Frederick Manning and British Prime Minister William Gladstone .

Margaret McKay was inspired to write a book about Arthur after being told stories about him by her father who grew up in the village.

Margaret, said : “I think it is a fantastic story that I’ve unearthed. Galton knew all sorts of people.

“It is a fascinating life story and I think I have told the life story well.”

Arthur started his career as a vicar in the Catholic Church but later converted to the Church of England.

One of Arthur’s achievements was promoting Hobby Horse, a magazine that helped start the craft movement and was founded in the 1880s.

Arthur moved to Australia where he was secretary to the governor of New South Wales and met Frederick Manning.

The pair returned to England together and Arthur acted as a mentor to the aspiring writer

The book is available from Walker’s Bookshop in Stamford and JR Callow and Son in Market Deeping.

You can also get a copy of the book by e-mailing Margaret at

The cost of the book, which has been published by Spiegl Press in Stamford, is £9.50.