Biker’s call after lucky escape crash

Shaun Bentley
Shaun Bentley

A motorcyclist who had a lucky escape after being involved in a collision wants to raise awareness of the dangers motorcyclists face.

Shaun Bentley, 41, from Elsea Park in Bourne, was airlifted to hospital on October 2 after being involved in a collision involving his motorbike and a car.

Shaun was riding a grey Triumph Thunderbird when it collided with a blue Volkswagen Polo on the A151 Spalding Road at around 7.30am.

An air ambulance flew Shaun to Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham where he was treated for a serious leg injury.

Shaun said: “I’ve been really lucky - I’ve been a biker for a long time as well as being an instructor in the past, if I’d of been a less experienced driver the outcome may have been very different.”

A keen motorcyclist, Sean has been riding for a number of years and is currently a member of the Peterborough Motorcycle Action Group.

After his experience, Shaun wants to remind both drivers and riders to think twice about the dangers surrounding motorcycles especially at this time of year.

He said: “We are coming into a time where it’s darker mornings and darker evenings, so it’s really important that motorcyclists can be seen.

“I would remind motorcyclists to make sure their headlights are clean and that they are wearing high visability clothing, so that they are visibly clear to drivers.

“The disadvantage of living in a rural area is many of the country roads are not very well lit, so it’s important people take a few extra seconds to look for bikers and not just motorcycles but cyclists as well.”

Shaun, who is currently at home recovering from three operations he had to repair his left ankle, hopes his experience will make people take a few extra seconds to look for motorcycles when out on the road.

He said: “My left ankle was totally destroyed and I now have to be on crutches for the next three months and that is getting off lightly.

“I am a prime example that people need to be more aware of bikers, especially on country roads.

“There’s a lot of people that don’t think it will happen to them but I’m proof that it can, all it needs is that lack of concentration at the wheel.”

A representative from the Peterborough Motorcycle Action Group, which was contacted by Shaun after his accident, said: “This must change. Drivers must pay more attention in looking for motorcycles/ scooters and remember if you are not looking you will not see.

“Take that extra time at junctions to look for that single headlight, to look for that pencil between the boxes and beware of your cars A frame and how this can affect your line of sight.

“Luckily this wasn’t the case for Shaun and we wish him well on his road to recovery.”