Aroma Spice in Bourne loses alcohol licence after illegal workers found

Aroma Spice, North Street, Bourne'Photo: MSMP250315-002js EMN-150325-083300001
Aroma Spice, North Street, Bourne'Photo: MSMP250315-002js EMN-150325-083300001

A curry house has been stripped of its licence to sell alcohol after it was found to be employing illegal workers.

Four illegal immigrants were discovered at Aroma Spice in North Street, Bourne, during a visit by South Kesteven District Council inspectors and Home Office immigration officers on January 15.

The council held a licence review hearing on March 19 and councillors decided to revoke the restaurant’s alcohol premises licence. It will no longer be able to sell alcohol and must stop selling food after 11pm.

The owners have 21 days to appeal from the date of decision.

Sergeant Kimble Enderby said: “Lincolnshire Police alcohol licensing is committed to the investigation, detection and prevention of all offences associated with or around licensed premises. This includes illegally employing workers and the exploitation of workers, as well as ensuring the safety of members of our communities using these venues.

“We would actively encourage members of the public to come forward with any information of this kind information either by contacting the police direct or ringing Crimestoppers anonymously.”