Letters: Cyclists all too often spotted flouting the Highway Code

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Further to recent comments re cyclists I have the following points to make.

Spending most of last week end in the front garden I saw the antics of cyclists which alarmed me. I saw:

- Cyclists riding two abreast on several occasions.

- On one occasion about 10 or 12 of them rode along the road, three abreast, weaving about.

- One cyclist rode in the middle of the correct lane and turned right without looking or signalling, causing two cars to brake hard.

None of these cyclists was a youngster – all were at least in mid-twenties upwards.

Recently at dusk at about 5.45pm, two cyclists were on the A16 from Thurlby to Langtoft riding two abreast, with no lights,reflectors and dark clothing.

They were riding slowly about 20mph max, causing a build-up of traffic. Instead of using fifth gear I was forced to use third gear.

They did not move over and overtaking was impossible because of the oncoming traffic. Again, they were not youngsters.

As for cycling being environmentally friendly, as far as I can see, they cause more pollution (apart from bodily functions) as many vehicles have to use a lower gear, thus using more fuel.

I am not against cyclists but feel that they should show respect to those who pay for the roads and obey the Highway Code which they regularly flout, particularly in towns, for example by ignoring traffic lights and pedestrian crossings.

Colin Brown

Deeping St James Road, 

While I have every sympathy for cyclists as I appreciate that they are very vulnerable, especially when riding on the busy roads in the area and particularly on the A15. I have become increasingly concerned about the growing arrogance of a few of their number who seem to believe they have priority on roads and increasingly on footpaths to the detriment of others.

My most recent experience involved a “rabble” of some 15 cyclists riding northwards in King’s Street on the morning of Wednesday, March 12.

Checking on the Highway Code I note that cyclists are required to ride no more than two abreast in a single file on narrow and busy roads.

The “rabble” observed neither of these requirements by blocking the whole of the northbound carriageway and making no attempt to change their behaviour even when followed by traffic.

I assume in view of the numbers of them that they were an organised group and as such should have known better.

If cyclists want the respect of motorists they should show respect for other road users and at least follow the guidance in the Highway Code.


Swallow Hill, Thurlby