Letter: Scouts’ support is appreciated

On behalf of the members of the Rotary Club of Bourne I would like to express our thanks to the 1st Bourne Scouts for their donation in respect of Aquaboxes for the Philippines disaster.

Their generous donation of £500 has enabled us to purchase four Aquaboxes to add to the five we have already purchased with funds, raised locally, from our own charity account.

Because we have purchased directly through Aquabox, who already have people in the disaster area, these nine boxes will achieve maximum impact with no wastage, and will very quickly be helping to protect those affected most from water-borne disease.

Through your pages, the Rotary Club of Bourne wishes to express its thanks not only to the scouts,
but to all the residents of Bourne and surrounding areas for their generosity. The way in which our community has responded to those in need is inspiring to us all.

Steve Buffery

President, The Rotary 
Club of Bourne