Council is right to stop flag flying in the name of health and safety

I feel I must take issue with the statements made by councillors Fines and Cliffe in your paper of Friday May 1 on the subject of flying a flag at Bourne Town Hall.

As a direct result of the Robens Report 1972 the Health and Safety at Work Act became law in 1974. It was designed as a piece of enabling legislation to introduce new penalties, a new enforcement agency and a broadening of statutory responsibilities of employers and employees.

It still requires other specific regulations and legal provisions to be observed. It is not, therefore, a result of "this despotic government's laws on health and safety" which councillor Fines claims.

Councillor Fines goes on to state that "people have flown flags up there for donkeys years" obviously by a method which is in contravention of Health and Safety laws.

South Kesteven District Council is quite right to intervene in this matter in which, if an accident were to occur, could result in the worst case in unlimited fines for the local government.

Councillor Cliffe's statement that "this health and safety is getting ridiculous" is arrant nonsense and would count for nothing in a court of law. Both she and councillor Fines should remember that the Health and Safety at Work Act is there to stop unsafe and dangerous practices, and it was enacted by a democratically elected government.

We all have to live within the law whether it is irksome to us or not. A flag could be raised by the use of mechanical means thus avoiding a dangerous practice.

R J Cole

Browning Court,

Manning Road,