Your News: Youngsters enjoy holiday club in Bourne

Polar Explorers - summer holiday activities
Polar Explorers - summer holiday activities
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Over seventy children enjoyed fun activities at the holiday club in Bourne.

It took place at Bourne Academy at the end of July. The youngsters took part in a wide range of crafts and other activities that had a distinct polar flavour.

The club was run by members of the Baptist Church, the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army under the banner of Churches Together in Bourne.

The theme for the three days was based on “Never too –“, - many mistakes, - ordinary and – young.

Using Peter, Stephen and Timothy as examples taken from the Bible.

Each day started with Sir Randolph Finds (Clayton Stiff) and his side-kick Barefoot (Leigh Smith) setting the scene and finding out what the children would need if they were ever to travel to Polar Regions.

This was followed by acting and also puppets telling the story of our three bible characters.

Leigh Smith, children and youth worker at the Baptist Church, said that the children as well as having a fabulous time also came to know that God cares for each one of them, whatever their age or circumstances.

The organisers would like to put on record their thanks to both the Len Pick Trust and Warners for their support.