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News from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-141211-150635001
News from Bourne Abbey Primary Academy EMN-141211-150635001
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On Wednesday and Thursday, November 5 and 6, Year 5 visited Burghley House to experience what life was like as one of the ‘secret army’ that worked to serve the lady and gentleman of the house during the Victorian period.

We were treated to a tour of the house where the children were able to see the grandeur and opulence of the upper classes. On their tour, they saw where Queen Victoria slept when she visited as a young princess and as an older lady when she had been crowned Queen. The vast number of pictures and exquisite decoration in the rooms caused several jaws to drop!

Throughout the day, the children learned about the large servant workforce from the scullery maid and stable boy to the butler and house keeper. They were all astounded by the size of the kitchen and the sheer number of staff that would have worked to keep the house above running smoothly. Entertainingly, the children were also able to try their hand at some of the tasks undertaken by the servants such as folding sheets, laying a perfect table, polishing boots and making butter. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit and these activities but understood that it would have been a different matter to do those jobs 16 hours a day for 6 and half days a week!

We shall now use the wonderful experience from this day as inspiration for our writing. We would like to thank all parents and carers for by providing costumes and supporting this very valuable learning experience.